Lingvô is a communication tool used in the emergency room to help health care professionals communicate with their patients.

Often, patients that come to the Emergency Room are emotionally unstable, anxious and physically weak, and they struggle to express their symptoms; all the more so when they come from different socio-cultural backgrounds. Lingvô overcomes these difficulties by giving patients or their parents the opportunity to communicate with the nurse visually or, otherwise, answer the nurse’s questions.

Lingvo illustrates through pictograms and icons, common pain, discomfort, trauma or medication recognized by the Canadian Emergency Triage Scale. Created as a graphic chart, this application organizes all the images in the same order as the questions nurses commonly asked their patients. Lingvô shortens the validation process of linguistic differences facilitating the nurse’s evaluation and making it more efficient and faster. This application offers a visual alternative to verbal communication when the language, the culture, the level of education and other communication handicaps represent a barrier.

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